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We Are Crimson Creative: Helping Companies Look Good Since 1996

We are Crimson Creative, a Calgary-based boutique marketing firm focused on helping companies look good since 1996. We have a proven track record of success and a lot of happy clients.

We are the creative strategy behind improving customer retention. The code that increases website traffic. The design that makes your company stand out from your competitors. And the approach that generates brand awareness.

We have worked for local businesses and global Fortune 500 companies, all with the intention of helping them achieve their goals through strategy, marketing and design.

We are a nimble, customer-centric firm and we live to make your company look good.

What Can Crimson Creative Do For You?


  • Company Branding: Make your company visible and differentiated, from mission statements to core values
  • Strategy: Understand your company’s objectives and build a plan to achieve them
  • Trend and Target Market Analysis: Identify New Market opportunities and source competitive data
  • Corporate Awareness: Identify, expand and optimize your customer awareness
  • Employee Engagement: Make sure your employees are living the company values and promoting your brand


  • Graphic Design: Design your logo, sales tools, signage and collateral
  • Reactive Websites: Create websites that give your customers an experience, not just a barrage of information, and they are optimized for every device
  • Collateral: Source and deliver all the collateral materials you could ever need to promote your company both internally and externally, from business cards to promotional products and anything else that tells your story or expands your brand identity


  • Marketing Communications and Execution: Conceptualize, plan and implement your traditional media and social media strategies
  • Tag Lines: Develop your corporate slogan or tag lines to tell your story
  • Promotions: Build and deliver promotional programs, material as well as advertisements that resonate with your target audience
  • Events: Plan and throw the perfect events from product launches to customer appreciation functions

Our Values

Clients First

We work relentlessly to give clients the best experience possible while achieving their goals.


We think creatively to provide a solution that invokes your passion for your industry, promotes your business and inspires your audience.


We will propose what is in the best interest for your business and are not afraid to tell you what you need to hear so you can better tell your story.


We think about the big picture and are focused on how we can help achieve your company’s overall objectives today, tomorrow and always.

Details, Details, Details

Every step of the way, from website design to strategy execution, details will make the difference.

Focused on Human Nature

We think about your customers’ motivations and needs to communicate effectively with them.

Jeff Robertson

Jeff Robertson

Managing Partner & Creative Director

Jeff has been pursuing his passion for marketing, graphic design, and consulting for over 20 years. He prides himself on being a student of human nature and focuses his effort on ensuring that the service Crimson Creative provides directly addresses your customer's needs.

Jeff is an expert in marketing strategy and brand management. He has had the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs up to Fortune 500 companies across the retail, sports, energy and automotive sectors and brings his experience across these industries to Crimson Creative and its clients.

Jeff is a proud Calgarian, avid hockey and Nascar fan, yoga enthusiast and prides himself on his culinary skills in the kitchen.

The Crimson Creative Approach

In the crowded business world, your company can’t get anywhere unless it stands out. So how do you look good and differentiate yourself? That’s where we come in.

You know your business better than anyone, but Crimson Creative knows how to make that business appeal to your target audience. At Crimson Creative, we take a people-based approach to all our work. The best way to establish a brand, tell your story and reach your objectives is to grab people’s attention and connect with them. Establishing your voice and engaging your customers is integral. Our job is to do that for you.

Crimson Creative offers strategy, marketing and design services, but we’re more than a typical agency. We’re students of human nature. We know how to get your company where it needs to be by communicating with your audience and we do while making your company look good.

And we do it in using a three step framework:

Crimson Creative approach to projects

When you work with Crimson Creative everything will fit together; your company's story will be told, the strategy to attract your audience will be developed, the visuals to convey your message will be designed and the story to retain their interest for the long-term will be told. We are always thinking about the big picture; where your company is going and how we can help you get it there.

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